Industrial Facility Site Remediation

Industrial Facility Site Remediation

LocationSouth Australia

DBD Environmental was engaged to undertake remediation of a portion of an industrial site that was historically impacted by solvents, namely Trichloroethene (TCE). The area of the site was required to be assessed and remediated due to the construction of a new warehouse, where the health of construction workers as well as users of the warehouse was required to be protected. In addition, the potential impact to the environment was an important consideration.

A Remediation Options Assessment (ROA) was carried out in conjunction with a Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) based on site generated investigation data. This information was then used to inform the warehouse design and the remediation approach.

Works were undertaken over an accelerated 8-week construction period in which the contaminated soil was remediated to meet target criteria and enable the warehouse to be constructed on time and on budget.    

The main disciplines undertaken included the following:  

  • Compilation of a CSM, ROA and HHRA
  • Soil Vapour Barrier System Concept Design
  • On-site supervision during remediation works
  • Site Remediation Validation Report