Advisory and Strategy

Value is created in the planning stages of the project lifecycle, and seeking quality advisory and strategy services as part of the feasibility stage is critical.

Environmental regulations, guidelines and licensing are constantly evolving which makes navigation through this landscape challenging. DBD Environmental unlocks value for its clients by providing pragmatic advice for contaminated sites, waste materials, and development approvals based on real world experience founded by a history of working at the coal face. The knowledge and experience gained from lessons learnt across various projects and sectors can eliminate risks and realise opportunities for our clients and their projects.

DBD are strong advocates for our clients and confident in our value-add proposition to the extent that numerous engagements are undertaken in risk share arrangements with our clients. This includes remediation of contaminated sites that involves redevelopment where we will stand by our approach and cost estimates to the point of having a share in the project. We have also provided a similar risk share approach for waste processing projects where there is a beneficial use of waste products.

DBD Environmental are able to provide advisory and strategy related to the following areas:

  • Property transaction and divestment
  • Property development applications
  • Environmental project approvals
  • Remediation and development strategic advice
  • Project Management, including Design and Construct
  • Waste management facility development, network optimisation and strategies
  • Waste stream processing and value adding
  • Cost benefit analysis