Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Management

Asbestos in soil can occur from the inappropriate demolition of asbestos structures, asbestos contaminated soil being deposited on a site or from naturally occurring asbestos.

This can become an issue where asbestos fibres become airborne and a pathway for inhalation is present. Managing this risk is important in relation to human health, but can be a difficult process to manage where there is insufficient experience or knowledge.   

DBD Environmental has a number of personnel qualified in asbestos identification who undertake both building material surveys as well as asbestos impacted soil assessment. Of particular note is the management of asbestos contaminated soil which can be poorly managed in site remediation settings. There are a number of categories of asbestos in soil, as well as numerous investigation and management techniques.

DBD Environmental personnel are skilled and experienced in the field of asbestos in soil investigation and management. This is of particular importance given that these issues can have a significant impact on human health, financial costs and liability.    

Our services in the asbestos and hazardous materials management area include the following:    

  • Identification of asbestos and asbestos containing material
  • Assessing risk of airborne asbestos exposure
  • Assessment and classification of asbestos contaminated soil
  • Air monitoring
  • Building, land and property due diligence
  • Clearance inspections and issuing of asbestos clearance certificates
  • Implementing controls and management